Artist Introduction: MC Flo

Mc Flo

Real Name: Anurag Sharma

Date of Birth: October 24th, 1990

Place of Birth: Kathmandu Nepal

Mc Flo is one of the most influential artists in the Nepali rap industry. With simple words and versatile flows, he has managed to touch people’s hearts with motivational phrases that reflect their day to day realities.

Mc Flo has enjoyed his stint in the mainstream, but he is primarily considered to be an independent underground artist. Well, however, we cite him, the only thing that matters is that he gives out excellent music that soothes souls.

Mc Flo Discography

Mc Flo has released hundreds of songs in his personal YouTube channel, and to be honest, it was very difficult for our team to get hold of all of them. This is mainly because most of his tracks have already been deleted. However, these are some of his most popular songs:

Mc Flo Songs (Singles)

Maile Hasna Sikey
Ma Tairi Rahechu
The Dark
Lay it Down
Ma Garchu Tara
Mero Guitar
Mero Jivan
Arkai Baato
Adhuro Katha
Sapana ko Sansaar
18 Barsha
Aaja Feri
Spana Sapana Sapana
Hami Sangai ta Chau Ni
Khula Aakash
Timro Lagi
Hami Sangai Chainau
Ghar Ko MayaGalti Haru
Chunu Cha Aakash
Adhi Bato
Sab Lai Vari Cha
Pohar Saal
Kahile Kahi
Maya Gara
Jo Sukai Le HEros
Baki Chaina
K Timi
Sadak Batti
Nepali Superman

Mc Flo Songs (Collaborations)

Yatri With Yamabuddha

Gorkhali Toph with Balen, Uniq Poet

Keraisitti Cypher with Manas Ghale, Grizzle, Sarkar, Dong, and MC Flo

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Mc Flo YouTube

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