Artist Introduction: Yama Buddha

Yama Buddha

Real Name: Anil Adhikari
Date of Birth: 30 May 1987
Place of Birth: Salakpur, Morang
Date of Demise: 14 January 2017 (aged 29)

Yama Buddha is regarded as a legend Nepali Rap Artist. A pioneering figure in Nepali Hip-Hop, he was one of the most influential youths in the country.

His main-stream debut track Sathi, released on 2011 was a trend-setter. The song changed the way people perceived rap music in Nepal. It talked about substance abuse, a rising social issue in the country, amidst of other rap songs which used to be random love lines between pop tunes.

Apart from being a rap artist, he was also an exceptional entrepreneur and was the co-founder of Raw Barz, the first Rap Battle League in Nepal. The league turned to be an excellent platform other rappers like Uniq Poet, Laure, Lil Buddha, etc.

Yama Buddha is known for his lyrics that aim to raise and tackle social issues like drug abuse, human trafficking, street children, etc. He was adept in both, Nepali and English lyricism.

Yama Buddha Songs

These are some of the best Yama Buddha Songs:


Yama Buddha (2011)

1. Intro
2. Asaarko Bhel
3. Blueberry Pie
4. Don’t Ask About My Music
5. Final Fantasy feat. Dougie
6. Sometimes (Thugz Mansion Remix)
7. You Just Play
8. Mama Told Me
9. Ma Futchhu Tara Jhukdina
10. Hinsaako Kaalo Baadal
11. I’m Fresh, I’m Fly
12. In My Soul feat. Lazy Boi, Dougie & Duke
13. Crack Raps
14. Grime
15. Grab Ya Khukuri
16. Yo Prasanga
17. Let It Go feat. Duke
18. I Represent
19. Battle Ready feat. Dougie & Duke
20. Saathi
21. Outro

Yama Buddha II (2013)

1. Intro
2. Mic Check 001
3. Ghattekulo-32
4. I Will Go
5. Change Up
6. Mic Check 002
7. Kathmandu Ko Thito
8. Timi Malai
9. Malai Kohi feat. Kristina Allen
10. Narunu Timi
11. Didi
12. Foothpath Mero Ghar (Bonus Track)
13. Raachhyas (Bonus Track)

Yama Buddha Albums

Ekadesh (2012)

1. Intro feat. Rodit Bhandari
2. Aama feat. Mistah K
3. Challenge
4. Yo Prasanga
5. Antya Ko Suruwat feat. Leezum Bhutia
6. Pagalpan
7. Jutta Maa
8. Kohi feat. Aidray & Nattu
9. KTM Grime
10. Gtfoh feat. Trisha
11. Think Smart
12. Gimme That Beat

Khatra (Album by Yama Buddha) (2017)

13. Taaj
14. Paisa
15. Khatra
16. Sapana
17. Allarey Thita
18. Yoddha
19. K Vako Hola (Bonus Track)

Yama Budda Singles

List of singles as lead artist

• “Aaudai Chu Ma”
• “Real”
• “Sipahi” feat. Saugat
• “Timro Laagi” feat. Yodda & Brisk Timos
• “Know Me”
• “Get Back”
• Hamro Barey Ma” feat. Mc Flo
• Moist
Featured artist[edit]
• “Ma Hoon Yatri” (with Mc Flo & Mac)
• “Raachhyas” (with Hakim & Soda)
• “The Top” (with Loorey, Duke, Dougie)
• “Tito Satya” (with Manas Ghale)
• “Mukhauta OST” (with Rabin Shrestha & The Sign Band)
• “Aawaran” (with Priyanka Karki)
• “Grown Man” (with Mani Sing)
• “Get Down” (with Manas Ghale)
• “Nachna” (with IRAJ, Chingy, Neha Kakkar & Tony T)
• “Kalakaar” (with Sugam Pokhrel & Girish Khatiwada)
• “Kathmandu finest” (With Nasty)

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