Drake Releases a New Mixtape, Dark Lane Demo Tape

Everything You Need to Know About Drake’s Lane Demo Tape

Drake released Dark Lane Demo Tapes this week on May 1, 2020, as a teaser for his album slated to release later this year. The mixtape came in as a surprise and has fourteen songs, all adding up to a total length of 49:55.

Drake Dark Lane Demo Tape Album Cover

Drake has a black mask, one that doesn’t cover his face. Some could percept it as him going on a heist, while others may say he is a ninja operating in the dark. Whatever it is, the mixtape cover accurately describes what’s in- a collection of tunes with a dark vibe.

Drake New Mixtape Announcement

Some hours before officially revealing the mixtape, Drake posted its cover on Instagram. These were his words:

” My brothers @oliverelkhatib @ovonoel put together a lot of the songs people have been asking for (some leaks and some joints from SoundCloud and some new vibes) DARK LANE DEMO TAPES out everywhere at midnight…also my 6th STUDIO ALBUM DROPPING SUMMER 2020!!! Lucky number 6 😈 soon fwd.”

drake dark lane demo tapes instagram

What is the Track List on Drake’s Dark Lane Demo Tape?

Here is a list of all the songs on Drake’s Mixtape:

Deep Pockets Produced by 40 and Plain Pat
When to Say When Produced by June James and Roxx
Chicago Freestyle (Featuring Giveon), Producer Nole Cadstre
Not You Too (Featuring Chris Brown), Produced by Cadastre
Toosie Slide Produced by OZ
Desires (Featuring Future) Produced by D Hill and Cadastre
Time Flies Produced by OZ
Landed Produced by Cardo and Dez Wright
D4L Freestyle (with Future and Young Thug), Produced by Southside
Pain 1993 (with Playboi Carti), Produced by Pi’erre Bourne
Losses Produced by OZ, Sevn Thomas, Elyas, and Foreign Teck
From Florida with Love, Produced by 40 and MexikoDro
Demons (featuring Fivio Foreign and Sosa Geek), Produced by JB Made It
War Produced by Axl Beats

Where Can I Listen to Drake Dark Lane Demo Tape?’

You can listen to Drake’s Demo Tape on Apple Music, Spotify, YouTube Music, iTunes Store, Amazon Music, Pandora, Google Play, Tidal, Deezer, and Soundcloud.

You can access all of these from Drake’s Offical Website.

Drake Dark Lane Demo Tape Review

Drake’s Dark Lane Demo Tape has been receiving mixed reactions. Luke Morgan Britton from MME said that the mixtape is a ‘forgettable one’ and an unnecessary release, “consisting mostly of recycled ideas and outright duds.

Complex, in their first impression, said that Mixtape Drake is the good Drake, and Losses is the standout. Furthermore, there are traces of ‘If You are Reading This it’s too late,’ and they even made a banter saying Drake still doesn’t know about relationships, pointing to the themes of his songs not changing very often.

Well, after listening to his album, we can say it is ‘not bad’ at the most, and he has had some good and also corny lines here and there. All we can say is that we hope he has saved his best tunes for the Summer release of his new album.

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